Laser not Engraving same as used to on the same material, design and settings

I’ve had my glowforge for about 2 years now and noticing that the laser is not engraving as dark as it used to using the same settings, same design and on same material. Any thoughts or how best to adjust to change in performance of the laser? Thanks, Kevin

This happens when the tube starts to fail. Adjust your settings (slow it down or increase power), and/or open a ticket with support and they can make an adjustment on their end to compensate. If you do open a ticket, provide the info and pics on the support troubleshooting page dedicated to this issue.


thank you! When will I need to replace it probably? Is it easy to replace yourself and how much does it run? Thanks

You have to send the machine in and receive a refurbished one. You can’t change the tube, and they don’t sell it.


What is the material you’re engraving? It’s possible that has changed as well, even if you’re buying the same SKU from the same seller as before. Especially when it comes to wood products, they may change mills, glue compositions, etc over time. Even Proofgrade material has changed over the years, and the color of engraves can vary sheet to sheet.


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