Laser Not Firing 2022

I can not get my laser to fire. There is no longer a glow in my tube either. Please tell me there is a way to fix this. I have had my machine since November of 2020. It goes through all of the motions, lights up, moves etc. just isn’t FIRING.

Turn off the Glowforge, turn it back on, and print the “Gift of Good Measure” project at the default Proofgrade settings on some scrap of Proofgrade or similar material. This will rule out your design and settings as potential causes for the laser not firing.

If it’s still not firing, you’ll need to contact for assistance. Tell them the date and time you ran that gift of good measure print that didn’t engrave/cut. They can check your machine’s logs to see what it was doing at that time for any clues as to why it’s not printing.

Unfortunately the high voltage power supplies do sometimes fail, which can result in this (machine still works but laser tube doesn’t fire), among other causes. The customer support team will figure it out with you and give you options to get back up and running.


Thank you for that! I just ran it and nothing. I have an email in so hoping to figure it out ASAP.

if you have a screen shot from the app then that would help

I have sreenshots but they are normal. There are ZERO error messages that are coming through.

That last photo is interesting. Your machine is going through the motions but your button is orange?

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