Laser not firing 3 months old

now that it’s been 24 hours without any support from glowforge i just wanted to pop by here.
im going to try and sum this up with detail so everyone can understand where im at.

April 2023 marked a little over 1 year having my glowforge. The white ribbon cord stopped working, so i went through all the steps and ended up ordering a new cable from glowforge. Which truly sucked because a 3.00 ribbon had 100.00 shipping… anyway. I did it. After 2 weeks with no business waiting i got the cord. after installing, it set on fire. Burnt my circuit board and i found out my glowforge was now, toast.

March 2023, finally. i got my refurbished glowforge after some back and forth. It cost me 4000.00 after all was said and done. this was heartbreaking, after already paying so much for the first one. none the less, i was back in business. wrong. the printed head was failing a week after using it. after some back and forth i convinced them to send me one for free after all the trouble. another 2 weeks go by, and i have it, i missed some markets and had to give some refunds but at least i could work again/ . (keep in mind i have 2 kids and this is my career)

July 10, 2023 monday rolls around. and to my surprise only 3 months after all this chaos, my laser isnt even marking the material. its making all the sounds regular movements, but the tube will not light up. only 3 months? Im exhausted and my career has taken a major hit. I’m just defeated. i wish i could call them and just sort it out instead of waiting days between emails getting no where.

So sorry to hear of all your troubles. Hopefully they will get back with you soon!


Hopefully, you have been replying in the same thread as your initial call for help, individual emails have the effect of slowing things down due to having to sort through them.

Sorry for your troubles, my personal machine is in its 6th year, so I wish you had a better experience.

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I’m not trying to pile on, but if this is your career, your business, you really need a back-up plan. Any business needs redundancy and then even more redundancy built in. Not to mention this is considered a hobby machine. I would consider upgrading to a business class machine with business class support.

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