Laser Not Firing - Is it dead?

It appears my laser is no longer firing. One day it works fine then the next time I went to use the machine, there was nothing showing on the material. I cleaned the machine, changed settings, attempted a second time and … nothing.

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Any error message? Like ‘the camera failed to take a picture’?


No. The machine does everything normal and even initiates when button is pushed. Head moves but there is no laser sent through the tube. The material is just blank.

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Print the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material, using default settings which show as Engrave, Score and Cut.

If it’s still blank, submit a photo and date/time of print thru the “contact us here” link on the support page. This would indicate a failed tube or power supply.


Two things to check…make sure the power setting didn’t default to ‘1’…, then make sure you don’t have two designs on top of each other, which will cancel each other out.


Had a double layered section in may cut file. That was what I needed! Thanks so much!


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