Laser not firing, is my machine dead?

In the middle of job, I got an orange light but the laser kept moving but wasnt engraving. I cancelled the job and restart the machine. Attempted few times to cut/engrave but the laser was just moving and nothing was cutting or engraving.

I am blessed to have had my machine for 3.5yrs with no issues but I have not used heavily until recently.

Is this is end? or its fixable? I do noticed the printer head mirror had some sort of blemish, shd I try replacing it or not even bother and start looking at buying a new on?


That’s a bad feeling all of a sudden like that. First, turn the machine off. I would try cleaning that mirror and everything else…all the lenses, fans, etc. An orange light can sometimes mean a temperature issue…what’s the temp. in your room? I’m not positive, but I think it can also mean that the connection to the head has been lost (someone more knowledgeable will likely chime in about this). Make sure the pins on the white cable are solidly in.
Lots of really smart people will probably give you more info. Best of luck.


Thanks. It’s room temperature and no “too cold” or “too hot” message. I have cleaned and checked as much cables as I can see lol.

Emailed support since Monday and nothing from them yet

Don’t forget to try cleaning this off


Only a tiny part of the mirror is doing the job. If smoke has gone in there and burned the surface you will not have much of a beam reaching the work. Long before burning the lens the gunk just sits there and the Zeiss or equivalent lens wipes will get rid of it. This is also true of the window under the left side of the gantry and on the left side of the head, and the main lens that you remove with the blue gadget.

If any of those parts are completely damaged, those would need replacement also. This is a side window crud build-up that had not gone beyond the ability to clean it…


If you did not get an almost instantaneous response then either they didn’t get your email, or their response went into your spam folder.

If you did get a response, it asked follow-up questions (some of them won’t apply to your question as it’s automated) - did you respond with the answers?
If you didn’t, have you checked your spam folder? Adding to your whitelist is a good idea too!

I would definitely take the time to clean all 6 places that need regular cleaning, and as @Xabbess pointed out, it could be a lost connection to the head - so check (while it’s off) that all the cables are plugged in fully, and don’t have any cracks or worn spots on them.


Got response frm support. Thx guys


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