Laser not firing, not getting help

I have just gotten my new glowforge pro and the laser will not fire. The print head will move but nothing prints. I am using profgrade material, and have checked the power settings. I have also checked the mirror. Costumer support is not very good at getting back to me. It’s been over 5 days now.

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It could be several business days before support responds to your email. They generally don’t work over weekends and things are backed up at the moment.

You could also try calling but that appears to be hit-or-miss.


I’ll bet if you called to order a machine, someone would pickup the phone to take an order. I have had a few problems, but it has never taken 5 days for someone to get back to me.
From what I have seen on the posts, Glowforge has sold over 100,000 machines. It would seem to me, they could hire more people to assist customers with problems. Again, I am not complaining, just an observation.
I still love my machine and it’s working well.

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