Laser not firing?

Hi! I recieved my pro this week, I’m in the UK and my free materials were not sent. They’re being sent now but in the meantime I wanted to try it out using some of the free tutorials I found on engraving a chopping board. I used the settings provided but the design didn’t come through. I couldn’t see that the laser bubbled, went red or even shone onto the wood. I’m going to hold off trying again until the proofgrade materials arrive, but I’m very worried it’s been damaged in transit.

Welcome to the community! Check your settings on the left hand side in the UI…make sure your power setting hasn’t reverted to ‘0’ zero…or to ‘1’. Sometimes this happens and you won’t get anything engraved at that low power.

below is just an example of where to find the settings;


Thank you! I think the first one was definitely at zero but I went for a higher number for my next two attempts. I’m definitely going to wait until the proofgrade materials arrive, and I’ll try one of the gifts of good measure to see if it works. They’re due to arrive on star wars day (may fourth) so fingers crossed I can make a baby Yoda for my son!!


It’s always good to run tests on Proofgrade because it eliminates the variables of the material.

Keep in mind though, you can use the proofgrade settings on non-PG wood. You can use the drop down menu to select one that is similar to the wood you have. Find the wood you have on a Janka scale - and then choose the PG setting that is closest (go for the weaker if you’re in between). Eg. if you have oak, try the walnut settings rather than the maple. It’s not a perfect system, but it works quite well.

Being overseas from the factory means getting PG is going to be more complicated, so getting used to the idea of working with what you have will most likely make your overall experience a much happier one!


It will be interesting to see how support diagnoses this. The standard is to print the GoGM on Medium Draftboard but they can’t expect you to wait two weeks to receive it.

Draftboard is MDF, so if you can get a piece of 1/8 MDF locally, that should be “close enough” to make sure the machine isn’t faulty.


I’m so sorry for the frustrating start. I saw that you emailed about this as well, and I’ve sent you some next steps there, so I’m going to close this thread.