Laser not marking or cutting materials

I took a few days away from my Glowforge and now my laser isn’t firing. It’s acting like it’s cutting but it’s just going around the path.

I’ve cleaned all lenses, mirrors and fans. Has anyone else run into this and had anything that has resolved this?

Are you positive you don’t have 2 copies of your work stacked?
You can always try the gift of good measure. If that works the machine is fine and your file must have a problem.


Are you within the focus range? Have you double checked your settings? Throw a piece of typing paper on the bed, select 20# Proofgrade settings and print the Gift of Good Measure. What happens?


Doubling up cut layers does not impact prints, it’s only applicable to vector engraves.

If you stack 2 cut layers, it will simply cut twice.

If your machine won’t print the gift of good measure, then either the power supply or tube has failed.

Definitely don’t have anything stacked and the gift of good measure is currently failing :frowning:

Oh not good. Sorry to hear. Best to contact support. They may find a solution.

One last ditch thing is that you may have your settings turned down to 1 power. Given that you tried the gift of good measure it’s probably not that, but it’s worth double checking your settings — even if you’re using proofgrade.

Like I said this is a Hail Mary but it’s a quick check.

Another thing to ask is “is my laser tube glowing?” If the tube is powered up and glowing then that’s a good sign that the power supply is working… but it’s bad if you’re not getting laser output at that point, it could mean a mirror disaster, possibly where you can’t adjust in the main tube/gantry structure.

This is also extremely unlikely, but worth checking.

As others have said it’s probably a power supply issue and GF support is your best bet.

Let us know how it turns out, good luck!

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