Laser not reducing power in corners

Hi i am scoring a lot of hershey fonts and when the laser is doing croners or circles the power is not reduced so I get burn marks. Is there a plan to optimize the Software for that?

It’s a known issue and has been in the hopper since the first units hit the street. No commitment as to when it will be fixed.

You’ll see the same issue for corners in regular (non-text oriented) scores & cuts as well.

ok thanks. That should be one of the first things to fix I think.

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:grin: Lots of people have dozens of items they all think should be first.

You should do a search on “hopper” and see what’s been publicly added to the potential backlog. A few days reading :slightly_smiling_face:

ok thanks and about improving the web app so you can turn perfect degrees?

Hold down the SHIFT key while dragging the handle and it will snap you through 45° increments.

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cool did not know that.

And if you go too many, let go and Ctrl-Z to undo. It will undo it in steps even though you hadn’t let go of the mouse in between steps (undo in the Windows world is supposed to undo the last committed action which should require a mouse-up or 2nd click - they implemented it a little differently).

Thanks everyone!

I’ve captured the feedback and suggestions, and I’ve shared them with the team.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please post a new topic.

There are literally thousands of posts that contain tricks and ideas, settings and suppliers. Spend some time digging through the archives, it is a good investment.