Laser off track

Hello! I have an issue with the laser arm bumping off track (no bump alerts though) as it centers and then the arm gets thrown way off when it goes back to home. I ran a test and the engrave was all crooked, did not cut all the way through and the laser arm only moved on the right side. As it moves backt to home, it derails on the right side. When the machine is off the laser slides smoothly back and forth, front the back. When the laser is on, its sort of grindy sounding. I have tried all the suggestions I could find on the forum - lifting and moving the laser back and forth, aligned with a setsqare cleaned the whole thing, took the tray out and tried again- same issue. I cleaned the tracks, inspected the wheels, pullys and tracks - no cracks, no debris and they all move. I used the laser 2 days ago no problems at all. This is a refurbished replacement that I have had for about a year. Any other suggestions to try before I push the whole thing out the window? :sweat_smile:

There were issues with some machines where they would catch on wiring on the left side. Have a close look for something like that.


Thank you, I checked but didn’t find anything in the way at all. It moves smooth and freely like it should when its turned off, it only grips and torks after I turn it on.

There’s a guide to checking the tension of the side belts:

Look at the belts themselves for bald spots or other issues.

If you don’t come up with anything, start recording some videos to add to a support ticket with tech support.


Thank you, the belts all look good - no cracks, or bald spots. I will have to start recording it, thanks.

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