Laser quit mid task

Did an engraved on proof a few nights ago and mid job the laser quit working. Shut it down and disconnected
Cleaned everything
Logged out
Came back next day, got all set up, no glow in tube

Ideas I might be missing?

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with your Glowforge.

I see you emailed us as well, I’m going to close that request so our conversation can continue here.

To help us narrow down the cause of the trouble, could you work through the following troubleshooting steps for me?

First, let’s check to make sure the mirror in the printer head is installed correctly and not in the path of the laser beam.

1. Follow steps 1-5 under the heading Wiping the Mirror in the Printer Head.

2. If you see damage to the mirror or the plastic handle (for example, if the plastic handle has been melted), please check the interior of the printer head for any additional damage. If you notice anything out of place, please take a photo and include it in your reply, so I can help with ordering replacement parts.

3. If the mirror and printer head look good, reinstall the mirror and move to the next steps.

Next, please run a test print. To help me determine the specific source of trouble, I’ll have some questions for you about what the printer is doing while printing.

1. Place a sheet of Proofgrade material in the bed of your Glowforge and open the Gift of Good Measure design.

2. Before you start the print, please select the default Proofgrade settings for the material you are using. Once you’ve selected the material, you will see the word, “Cut”, “Score”, or “Engrave” under each step in the design.

3. Once you are ready, push the button and start the print. While the print is running, please note your answers to the following questions:

  • Is the laser marking the material as expected?
  • Is the printer head moving during the print?
  • Do you see a light in the laser tube during the print?
  • Do you hear any unusual noises from the left side of the printer?

4. As the print finishes, leave the lid closed and wait until the fans stop and the lid image updates on screen in the App.

5. If the laser appeared and the print was successful, the likely issue was the setting on the previous print was set too low for the laser to appear. If so, please check your settings and try another print. If the laser did not appear, please move to the next step.

6. Take a close look at the laser tube. If you see any of the issues on this list, please reply and include a photo.

  • Do you see any damage to the inner glass tubes, such as a crack or loose pieces of glass?

  • Do you see anything in the laser tube that looks foamy or bubbly? (When normal, the coolant is clear.)

  • Do you notice any liquid in or around the printer?

Mirror is fine- no damage
Laser did not mark material
Printer head is moving
Ni light in laser tube
No unusual noises

Print almost completed and then got an error and orange button

No damage to inner tube visible
No foam or bubbly inside tube
No liquid around the printer

Ran test at 12:55 Eastern Time

Also I did notice that it does fire the red light at start for Auto Focus

1:40 pm Eastern started test #2 of Gift of good measure design
print head is moving, no laser marking or cutting happening
with about 1:30 remaining, i did hear a new noise coming from the machine. Like a grinding noise. But this time it ran through the entre cycle including cool down with no error or orange button

I’m so sorry for the ongoing trouble and for our team’s delayed response. Unfortunately we’ve found that your Glowforge has an issue which can’t be resolved remotely, so I’ve sent you an email to coordinate next steps. I’m going to close this thread and we’ll continue to assist you via email.