Laser ramps up but just before starting, yellow light flashes

I have only used my machine for about 10 hours, maybe. I was about to engrave, positioned the images, started the Print, pressed the button and heard the laser warming up. Just before it began printing, it shut down and the button flashed yellow. I opened the printer, checked the connections, removed the head, cleaned the lenses, reseated the cable on the head, rebooted and tried several more times. I then reconfigured the wifi connection, changed out material to ProofGrade and retried several times.

Once I hit the Print button on the App, a popup under the time says “These are not the recommended settings for this material. Using the wrong settings can result in fire or damage to your Glowforge not covered by warranty”.

I am using Medium Draftboard and the HD Graphic preset. The machine recognizes the material accurately.

Any thoughts?

The warning message shown is just a standard reminder to check your settings - sometimes just clicking on Manual settings will trigger it, even if you don’t make any changes.

But if you made changes for another material, and didn’t change them back to Proofgrade when you made the switch, your settings could be wrong. If the default cut settings are being used (Proofgrade) the thumbnail in the left column will say “Cut” or “Engrave”. It will not show numbers. If you see numbers - reset the settings.

There should be a Continue button underneath the warning that will let you proceed with the cut. (If you can’t see it, you might need to enlarge your screen area or scroll down.)

The word ENGRAVE is under the thumbnail so I’m assuming that it’s trying to use the default settings.

I went to the proofreader after having the initial yellow light issue, thinking that maybe the Glowforge didn’t like new contact tape that I was trying for the first time on a piece of plywood. I have tried several manual settings but still get the same startup sequence after I push the Print button the the printer. It winds up like it’s about to start and just before moving, it shuts down and flashes a yellow button. I have checked connections, pulled apart and reseated, cleaned the lense but still get the yellow light.

Just sent support an email… frustrating that I have used this for only a couple dozen little projects and I’m already having issues.

Rebooted my computer and now I am not getting the error about incorrect settings but am still getting the yellow button as the laser ramps up to begin its job.

Posting here has opened a ticket, (and you’ve sent an email), so your best bet is to wait to hear from support now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks… unfortunately, I have a lot of work to do on it and this was my only free time to do it for a while. It just seems like it should be something really simple which adds to the aggravation.

Thanks for your help

No problem, they might be able to see something on the logs…hope they get to you quickly!

Basic, Plus, or Pro?

Do you have a thermometer? What’s the ambient temperature of the room near the machine intake (front right)? AC thermostat settings are generally not reliable, as the temps can differ a lot from room to room, or even within the same room.

Guessing you are maybe from Florida (from the screen name)? Temps are starting to increase and the machine has an envelope in which it will operate.

It’s in my garage that has two windows. I have an intake fan in one and an exhaust fan in the other. I’m actually in Tennessee but the outside temps was around 90 yesterday and the garage was probably close to that. I’m about to try another test run this morning, now that the temp is 66.

The temp must have been the issue yesterday. I just ran a test run with no issues… now I have to figure out a solution for cooling during the summer

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.