Laser Safe Adhesive Film

Has anyone used this in there Glowforge and is it safe? Also will it void the warranty. It looks like it can really help make more products, but want to make sure it is safe and wont void warranty before I buy and try it

What will quickly not only void the warranty but also ruin your glowforge is any chemical that would yank some water out of the air, become some horrific acid, and dissolve your glowforge. This includes fluorine, chlorine, nitrate, and sulfur. There are other things like cyanide that don’t attack the metal as much as they can attack you. Really high on the list is Vinyl as Vinyl-chloride can destroy your machine with a single cut. The effect is not instantaneous, but there is no stopping it.

It is therefore up to you to ensure that nothing you are using will create any of these harsh chemicals. And if there is any doubt then do not use it.


Thank you I just wasn’t sure because it says it is laser safe because it has no pvc in it

It is still good to verify this due to the extreme issue of even a low probability case that you only find out afterwards.

Got a link? “Laser Safe” is not a brand.

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