Laser-safe alternative to vinyl stickers for computers?

Is there a laser-safe alternative to vinyl for making these computer stickers?


Here is one topic that discusses this. It is a frequent question. Will keep searching for more topics.

@bill_laba? @Tom_A? Any updates?


I wish I had the time to experiment!

oracal/orafol 351 and 352 are polyester-based, as are some of the Avery Dennison SF100 series films. Those come in clear, metallic (gold and silver), and white. The 352 is solvent-printable. They work fine for flat surfaces. 3M’s Envision series wrap film is PVC-free, and printable (solvent, uv, latex, or screen-print… no desktop inkjet) and it can conform to irregular surfaces when applied with heat.


Are these products sold anywhere in small quantities? A full roll of that stuff is enough for a lifetime supply of stickers for every man, woman, and child in my town.

a local sign shop (like mine :slight_smile: ) may be your best bet. We’re generally more than happy to sell a yard or two of material off the roll to someone who walks in off the street.

You can get polyester film tape from 3M in various sizes, but it comes out to be pretty expensive per square inch when compared to the regular sized rolls.

Note this is an example, I have not used this particular stuff.


Are you anywhere near Los Angeles? These guys will sell single yards of anything in stock in person at the store. (And nearly everything is in stock all the time) I’ve never tried to have them ship small quantities but if you give them a call I bet they would, they’re super nice.