Vinyl Alternative

Here’s a possible vinyl alternative that is PVC free. I’ve used it in my Silhouette craft cutter and it works great. I’ll continue to use the Silhouette for regular graphics to be applied to a large surface. But I’m intrigued with trying this:

I’m hoping that this will cut well when applied to a substrate before lasering. I’m thinking of it as a slick alternative to painting or finishing the face of a surface. Think of an MDF box with sheet of red applied and a brick pattern etched through the red to expose mortar lines. Or etching out a sign on a sheet of material covered with it. How about covering acrylic and etching? Then weeding out some of the material and leaving some on to make a clear and colored plaque or sign. If it cuts cleanly without charring, it will open up a lot of possibilities.

Can’t wait to try this when my Glowforge comes in.

Sheets are the perfect size for the Glowforge. They are 12 x 18. Links from the site also have a similar material that is printable on an inkjet.


What are the adhesive types? Permanent costs more, but when I try to think of what perm or reposition would mean with an adhesive, the reposition would be the more exotic type.

Well, it is negligible the cost of vinyl. When bought on a roll it is cents per foot… and I couldn’t imagine not using permanent (Oracal 651) on anything you want long term unless you don’t like the glossy look… .then the indoor/removable (631) would be your only option… or spraying it with a matte spray. You would for sure not want repositionable vinyl in these projects that he is talking about.

I also do (and loathe) vinyl and this will be interesting to find out when we eventually see these things.

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Mostly I meant to be asking… what IS repositionable adhesive?

Repositionable would be what you might use for stenciling where you need to correct placement or to reuse it… typically we do either perm or removeable… which you can’t reuse or reposition but it’s adhesive is less damaging then the perm. :slight_smile:

Jacobturner: Here is the owner’s original response to my question about PVCs.

Our products are PVC free. Our products are a woven polyester (completely PVC FREE), except for our IRON-ON product, which is 100% cotton (also PVC FREE).

I’ve reached out to the owner to see if he can provide more info on the composition of the adhesive. Rubbersoul79 is correct about the usage. It is most often used for wall graphics that can be applied and removed with minimal to no damage on drywall. Permanent will hold up much better.

I also realized you were speaking specifically about the link above…sorry about that… my guess it that repositional is similar to removeable…

Bill - thats a neat product! Thanks for sharing!

Rubbersoul79: It is also more forgiving when applying. Less air bubbles and can be separated if it accidentally touches itself. Some see a slight “grain” to it if you look really closely (it is woven). I don’t mind that all, and from any distance it is not noticeable. Can’t really speak to the durability in outdoor use. I haven’t had it outside for any period of time.

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Ive read this post and a few others, and done some looking on the googles, but can’t seem to find an answer specifically

Is there a laser safe vinyl sign material equivalent out there that you can laser the material, yet leave the backing intact?

I have a Vinyl cutter (Cameo) but the accuracy and detail won’t be anywhere near what I could achieve from a laser.

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Bookmarked and added to my list of materials to keep my Batman frenzied grandson happy for some time. Thanks.

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That link takes you to a site that looks like it works, but won’t let you buy anything.

New link:

Sadly they don’t sell the plain colored squares any more.

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I haven’t gotten them yet, but I think these are blank and meant to print on. I expect my order to arrive next week.

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how did that work out?

Well, I got them. They weren’t what I was expecting. But that doesn’t mean they won’t work. But I’ve been far too busy to try them yet. I really want to though.

What exactly were they? Are they 12x12 inkjet printable sheets? The website really doesn’t describe the actual product only “what you can make/do with it”. haven’t looked for youtube videos… Let us know if you try using them !