Laser-safe Black Self-Adhesive Sheet

So I think the title says it all… I’m looking for a thin, black, laser-safe product similar to vinyl that I can cut with my :glowforge:. Preferably self-adhesive I think. This would be potentially used for decorating all sorts of things… glass, plastics, maybe even wood. Maybe something I could use as a stencil for sand-blasting? I’ve read there’s some 3M laser-safe vinyl, but I haven’t been able to find it or even identify it.

Anybody have any ideas of something I can use?



gorilla tape comes to mind, heh heh


How about the black version of the gold foil people have posted about?


Seems like this thread is your huckleberry:

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I have some of this but have not yet used it. I don’t think this would help Tom, as I think he’s looking for more of a stencil type of thing and this foil only works when placing it directly on the piece being layered…where it gets bonded onto the material, not just cut out.

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Thanks! I dunno. Their description of the product is really lacking much… description. But, what the heck… I’m ordering some sheets to see what they’re like. (Shipping cost is the same as 5 sheets of the stuff!)

Thanks for the idea, @markwal! Ya know… It might work for some of my use cases. But I think @Xabbess is probably right… it’s kinda not what I’m looking for.

@Xabbess, I’ve only used my gold foil on a flat surface. I’m curious if you’ve tried any curved surfaces (like a drinking glass)? In my experience that stuff can be difficult to get air bubbles out of, so I wonder how well it works on anything with a curve. I could be overthinking that though. :slight_smile:


This is laser safe? I’ve not looked into it, but that just kind of surprises me, based on how it feels.

It IS difficult to get that stuff on smoothly, for sure. How would you laser it though…if you put it on a drinking glass? Even with the crumb tray out I don’t think you could get a drinking glass in there. Embossing powder would work though, since you use a handheld heat device to melt the powder. I’ve done that on a glass votive holder as an experiment and it works just great. And, embossing foil might even work too, but only if you use the ‘paint on’ type of adhesive and burnish it out smoothly as you’re hitting it with the heat gun. @jamesdhatch…I got some of that liquid adhesive for embossing foil, but I’ve not used it once since then…have you tried it?

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Ha! Because I wasn’t thinking!
(More to the point I was thinking how a vinyl-like material would work… cut first, adhere later. Wasn’t thinking about the foil properly!)

I did a quick google search on “Eco-friendly adhesive sheet”. One very interesting result was:

The good news is that it is advertised as “PVC free”. The bad news (for me) is that it is UK-based. I might try to find a more local source to try. Of course, “PVC-free” does not equal “laser safe”, but it seems to be worth exploring.


Neat find. Shame it’s UK-based. Makes it a little out of reach for me. But it really is interesting. I wonder if they’d send me a sample pack. I might just ask.

I buy .004" acrylic with 3m backing from trotec, comes dual layer and makes great stickers

and even comes a bit thicker


Oh, how 'bout that! I’ll have to order some of that too! Thanks!


Turns out that website, while still in existence, is no longer being used! Since it’d been a couple of months since I placed my small testing order, I figured I’d look into it. If it was a scam, I figured, well, it’s “only $30” down the drain. So, I was happy to see they had a phone number. I called and got a live person immediately. A potential win! I explained what’s happening and got a “Oh my goodness. That shouldn’t have happened.” Then he said “Oh! We stopped selling those. You shouldn’t even have been able to order those. That old website isn’t the current one.”

The new, working site is:

He was kind enough to kill the shipping charge and throw in a few extra sheets of a similar product (that they do still make!) for my troubles. Nice guy. I’ll review the product sometime soon it looks like! :slight_smile: