Laser safe Sandblasting Mask?

Aloha all. We traditionally have used a diecut or handcut method for our sandblasting masks.
Now that I own a Glowforge I would like to use it for the more complex designs we tend to sandblast into marble and granite.
I came across this 3m product that has no PVC so I am hoping it would be compatable
3M Die-Cut Sandblast Stencil 519YT

Can anyone chime in on my theory of it working?
It lists rubber, polyester, and polypropylene

Features & details

  • 45 mil thickness, tan rubber, double liner, yellow 1.5 mil polyester inner liner, white 2.0 mil polypropylene outer liner

I don’t know the answer, but I’d love to hear your results if you end up trying this stuff!

I also fall into the not sure - but 3M is great about linking their MSDS to product listings:,%20519YP,%20and%20519YP2%20series%20TDS%202016v6-2016_R1.pdf

(sadly I’m on a work computer will all sorts of walls so I can’t download it :frowning: )

It looks like it should be safe. Polyester is non-toxic and generally cuts well. Polyethylene melts somewhat when cut but it should be fine in this application given how thin of a layer it is. They don’t say what’s in their adhesive but I’m guessing it’s ok.

3M doesn’t provide an actual SDS for this material (instead they’ve provided several statements saying it’s not required) but I’m pretty sure it will be ok. The rubber adhesive may be slightly stinky when cut but :man_shrugging: that’s not the end of the world.

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It has been a few years but I have found 3M to be the most accessible of the big companies, as they operate as a crowd of small companies. I would expect that once they are aware of the market for the niche you are looking for, they may even develop a line just for your application and sold as such.

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