Laser Safety Officer training materials



As I await the arrival of my in-shipment pro unit, I am doing as instructed in the email and reading the user manual. The manual says that as a pro owner:

You must read, understand, and follow the Glowforge Pro Training Materials to use your
Glowforge Pro.
The Glowforge Pro LSO Training materials are emailed to all Glowforge Pro owners as a
password-protected PDF.

Have any pro owners received these “Laser Safety Officer” materials yet? Do they arrive prior to delivery?


I have the same thing you have, just the Glowforge Training Materials.


I received that info before delivery but I don’t recall how long before.


Looks like I received it a couple days prior to unit being delivered. It was an attached PDF with a password in the email.


Yeah, like @jbmanning5 said, I believe I received an email a few days before my Pro arrived with the PDF of the Laser Safety Officer training material.


Did you get an official patch or button for your LSO training certification? :smile:


Cool. Thanks. I will sit quietly and re-read the owner’s manual repeatedly until I get the super secret training docs!


No, but I got a laser engraver and some Proofgrade leather so…


…you can make your own!

Maybe that’s the top-secret final exam - if you can make yourself an LSO badge then you’ve passed.


Mine came with a general attitude of superiority and a tendency to lecture people on the difference between class 3 and class 3R laser systems.


For someone like me, that information would fall on ‘dumb’ ears, so would be necessary for me to learn. I’m sure you already know all about laser class systems, but I’m betting it wasn’t meant to come across as an attitude of superiority.


Thanks for reaching out. I’ve followed up with @jay_nabedian via email but for everyone else, don’t worry, we’ll make sure your receive your Pro Laser Safety Officer training and are ready to print.

Thanks for the help everyone.