Laser starting location

Can you change the Glowforge starting position? I’m trying to engrave a serving tray with sides that are 1.5 inches high and a base of 0.25 high acacia wood. The laser hits the walls of the tray. Can I get the laser to start in the middle of the tray so that I can grave the center?


No. The head always starts from the home position in upper left.


Hmm maybe the thing to do is engrave a sheet of veneer that is cut to fit the inside exactly?

I’ve done a few tray inlays like that, I usually test the cut outline fit with cardstock first, get it exactly right before I commit to the engrave on my real material. I used the technique to inset this tray with cork:

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That’s a cool idea! I’ll have to look into that. Also, I saw your dice tray a while back. I’ve actually been working on a developing one of these for myself:


Yeah, that’s kind of what I was afraid of…

I’d be interested to know of ways around this issue. Part of the problem is that I can fit the entire tray in there, but the focus of the laser would be above the plane of cut.

Oh that’s clever. Nice find.