Laser stopped mid cut

My laser stopped cutting last night (Sun 4/10 around 4:30 pm PST) but was still going through the motions, and making a high pitch sound. I have checked the connections multiple times, all the lenses and mirrors are clean and in alignment. Power has been cycled multiple times, and temperature is not an issue. When I pause and cancel the print, the button glows orange but I am not seeing any message as to what the problem is. I have checked all settings, and different cut files, new and old and the problem continues: high pitch noise and going through the motions, but no laser. Any ideas as to what could be causing this, and how to fix it?

Welcome to the community! Sorry you’re having problems. Official support does not monitor the forum, so I suggest you email them at Other owners will likely chime in here though to offeryou some suggestions to try in the meantime. Best of luck.


thank you

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