Laser suddenly not working

Hadn’t used it for over a year (it’s a GF Pro that was bought from the original crowdfund.) Didn’t have that many hours on it at all. Went to go try and make a design in a ceramic tile and about a quarter through the process the laser seems to have reduced power and then stop working entirely.

Any ideas on what might be happening? Thanks!

The laser tube has an expected life from the manufacturer of 2 years, and will expire faster when not used: it has a catalytic coating inside the tube that reforms some gas when the laser is firing, so if it’s never firing, it’s only losing gas without regaining any. Either the tube’s kaput or the power supply. Either way there’s no at-home remedy.


The tube has a 2 year average life expectancy, so if you haven’t used it in a while, it might just have expired. Doesn’t matter if it’s been used or not. Many of us have seen better but my own is likely not going to last much longer.

Edit - Dan beat me to it.


Any idea how much it would be to send back and get repaired? Or to whom at Glowforge I could refer that question?

Seems most people are getting quoted around $1100. You can contact or use the support link at the top of the page to open a ticket.


Tube replacemrnt has been $500 including shipping the machine to them and back to you with a new tube. That is what I have read several times on this forum.


Dan verified that this is still in force. I have heard elsewhere though that it’s a hard row to hoe to convince them that it’s the tube that failed and not something else.


Since then, the FAQ entry containing the $499 tube replacement price has been wiped from the Glowforge website. I don’t think they’re honoring that any longer.


Can’t say I’m surprised at that.

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is it possible to change the tube by yourself?

No. They originally said tubes would be sent out but none ever were (that I have seen.) They also had a flat-fee $500 replacement (iirc) but that has apparently also been reneged.

I took a screenshot because I knew this was coming:


oh that’s not good. I moving back to Ukraine in 18 month and wanted to buy extra tube with other parts and ship to my country. Probably I will sell this machine then and buy something else :frowning:

I saw on Ebay a lasertube runs for 250 and 23 items sold already but I don’t really really know if that legit item.

I’d even pay 500 if they had someone in New York to fix it. I don’t even know how to ship the machine to them when I don’t have that box since I got it hah and running business cannot wait 2 weeks

What’s your opinion on that $250 tube?

I have none, I’ve not heard of anyone buying and installing one.

I may contact to change the laser tube, cannot risk this Christmas…

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