Laser tattoo


this video is brought to you by: vodka

Any chance we can make a "Definitely NOT Laser-able" thread?

That was spectacularly Darwinian


Of course it had to be russian…


As someone who has his wrist up to his elbow tattooed… sweet jesus that look like it hurt…


I think @jrnelson was right about the vodka…probably 2 liters or more! :scream: - Rich


That may not win a Darwin award, but It should latest deserve an honorable mention :smile:


I dunno, look quicker and less painful than a regular tatoo - and just think of the resolution!!!

I wonder how long it lasts?


“What’s that smell? Oh, Cool! You got a new tattoo with that retro greyscale look.”


quicker, maybe, but i’m not sure the effect is any better - the laser may have a nice digital resolution but it’s going to blur from the scarring and healing.

i think how long it lasts depends on your laser power setting. higher power = worse scarring and pain = longer lasting. on low power you’d just scab up and heal with no lasting effects.

from an instructable about laser tatting:

" ’ “What’s in the box?”

“Pain.” He felt increased tingling in his hand, pressed his lips tightly together. How could this be a test? he wondered. The tingling became an itch… The itch became the faintest burning… It mounted slowly: heat upon heat upon heat… . The burning! The burning! He thought he could feel skin curling black on that agonized hand, the flesh crisping and dropping away until only charred bones remained.’

This excerpt from Dune exactly describes the feeling of getting a tattoo burned into skin using a laser cutter; however, this is just the feeling. When sight, smell, and sound are added, the process turns out to be quite an experience."


I love the internet. Not only has someone done a laser tattoo, someone has videod it and someone has described using obscure 1960’s sci-fi literature as a reference

The world is such a wonderful place :slight_smile:




i’m not sure how obscure i’d say dune is but i agree with everything else haha


I’m mostly just impressed by his pain tolerance.


only been released once as a film and once as a tv series… these days that seems obscure!
only kind of joking…
might be less obscure soon!


YMMV, but IMHO Lynch should have been subjected to the gom jabbar for his version. :poop:

Now that I think of it we were the ones that were tested.:rolling_eyes:


Wonder what it would have been like if Ridley Scott had directed it. Actually, no, I’m glad we have Blade Runner.


Notice, he is not wearing any laser safety glasses!!! LOL.


How far did you get? I read up to and including God Emperor of Dune, but could not get into chapterhouse


“No Mr. Bond… I expect you to dye” (or at least be labeled…)


Read books man!
Even with today’s CG extravaganzas, the special effects in books are better!