Laser Thursday: 2-tone interlocking-pattern leather watch-band

We had a fun laser Thursday last night-- people were working with wood, leather, acrylic, and I believe Dan might’ve engraved a rock he picked up from the ground after I left. Here’s my new pride-and-joy… I love making projects that even the most skilled hand-artisan would have a hard time with.

This one is two different leather colors with an interlocking pattern.

You can see a happy/proud Glowforge in the background! :slight_smile:


that looks great, @Tony

Love it!! What kind of leather did you use?

Oh my word!!! Thats #amazing Well done!

Well, that’s pretty neat! Did you glue 2 layers of leather together? Or is that what the stitching is for? Or is the “light” part rastered?

Tell us more, tell us more!


look at you, just taunting us! lol
thats awesome. any chance youll share the build steps?

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“thats awesome. any chance youll share the build steps?”

Yes please @Tony. Very, very nice.

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Based on the apparent bleeding and smudging, I would suspect that what you’re seeing is a single piece of leather with the pattern engraved into it, then one half colored, perhaps with a marker. The leather is then folded and stitched to create the pocket to hold the strap pin. (Repeated for the other half of the strap, of course.)

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Might be my old eyes, but I don’t see any bleeding or smudging. Looks like two different leathers cut to fit to me.

@Tony, very nice effect with the interlaced two tone leather, and the slant is a great touch!
Leather back or bonded to fabric?
Thanks for the inspiration!

I was there when @Tony did this (and he’s on the road) so I’ll jump in - it was two pieces of vegetable tanned leather with two different treatments (one with a red color wiped on, one without, both wiped with a sealer) and then glued together. The back is leather, if I remember correctly.


Thanks @dan! I almost didn’t ask, being 4 months after the fact. I’m sure “Laser Thursday” is a high point around the office, nice perk.
Great for employees to have a CEO who encourages creative exploration of the product they make - instead of just making it!