Laser thursday?

So if we show up with a case of craft beer can we get in on this laser thursday?


We had 3 unscheduled drop-ins of people knocking on the door asking for demos. Unfortunately we couldn’t… but I’d say we’re overdue for a Glowforge open house. Will see if we can make something work.

wow. I am so sorry. That’s uncool stopping by a business without an appointment.

I hope it was not too much of a disruption.

Please everyone use some thought. You wouldn’t like me showing up knocking on your door unannounced. Show Glowforge the same courtesy please.

I think it’s all about your attitude, right? I live in Portland, and I’ve been sorely tempted to drive to Seattle and knock on Glowforge’s door. I’d love to be able to say hello, give some high fives, drop off some beer, and say “You guys rock!” :smile:

A Glowforge open house…I might have to make that trek…

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Put that down for another vote for an open house.

We had two visitors today, one a couple who drove down from Canada. (!) I happened to be giving a reporter a tour anyway so I let them tag along because I felt so bad turning them away, but that was definitely a lucky exception.

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Any pretties from Laser Thursday, December 3?

Not so much this week :disappointed: a lot of material & setting experimentation that didn’t pan out and even more of accidentally-working-on-electronics-until-10pm. I think @Kiko may have made something real and functional, though!

With the holidays behind us and a new year underway, will Laser Thursdays be coming back? Any chance of a video demonstrating variable depth etching yet? It’s encouraging to watch the progress as the Glowforge continues to advance and improve.

:arrow_up: I agree. I’d love to hear more on this subject / examples of what the gf can do

Two people drove down from Canada?! Why didn’t I think of that?!

This week is CES + a whole lot of catchup from the holidays. Stay tuned.

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