Laser tube doesn’t light up

I just got my Glowforge pro and after set up I tried to make my first print. The gift of good measure. The laser head goes through all the motions but doesn’t leave a mark and the glass laser tube doesn’t light up. Any feed back or advice would be appreciated.

Can you take a screen shot of the side of the interface showing the material, and engrave, score and cut sections?

It should look like this, if yours does, then your machine was likely damaged in shipping and will need to be replaced. Document per instructions on the support page regarding this issue and submit a request with pics to support.


That’s what it looks like. But it looks like the laser tube has a crack :confused: but it’s not leaking.

My Glowforge was damaged during shipping and they are sending me a new one. This thread can be closed. :v:


GF support doesn’t participate here, and they are the only moderators/admins that can close it, but thanks for following up. Definitely looks like damage from shipping but where did the coolant go? Don’t recall ever seeing physical damage like that. Hopefully you’ll be up and running soon.

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