Laser tube is totally red. Does this need to be replaced?

My laser tube seemed to change to totally red and I’m concerned that this may cause problems with my machine. Is it due for a replacement? I saw that it’s $500 but I have to ship my machine back to glowforge. Is there any way I can just buy the tube and replace it myself or is this hard to do on our own?

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Nope. Totally normal. With time and use they turn red or orange. Keep using it until it fails.
(Mine’s been pink/red for a couple years.)


I am a new owner, and I just mentioned to my husband last night the tube is no longer clear. :smiley: I was concerned.

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Thank you!

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Looks normal to me for high power continuous cutting. At low power you won’t be able to see any color.


@chie_obligar Thanks for sharing the picture, that does look normal. I’m going to close this ticket, but please reach out if you have any other concerns or questions.