Laser tube not firing, Lense keep turing, and makes noice

My Tube just stopped firing, and looked at the lense to clean it and it was side ways not looking down as usual, it goes trough the motion of cutting and when canceled or finished it makes noice I just now saw that, but before that or on Sunday it was cutting normal and when I decided to put the next cut it just been going trough the motion but no score or cut. I also cleaned my machine before and after this happen.

Not sure what that means. Can you take a pic?

It has moved even though i put it as it needs to and every time I cancel the print because nothing is happening i look and the lense has moved. This never happened before and I have my Forge for like 3 years.

Ok that is odd. Hopefully support will get back to you soon. I don’t recommend you try to use it until you hear from them.

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Yes, I have stopped. Ans hopefully will hear from them soon

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Thank you for reaching out via chat earlier today! I am going to go ahead and close this post so that we can continue troubleshooting through your email ticket.