Laser/Tube not firing

I was working this evening and on about my 7th cut, the laser stopped firing. I thought it was a weird fluke, so reset everything and tried again. The laser tube doesn’t light up or anything. I’ve cleaned all the lenses, unplugged at the unit and the wall and restarted everything and it still doesn’t work. Has anyone else run into this and have a solution? Thanks!

That bites :frowning:

Most likely there’s an error with your power - which means a trip back to the factory for repairs. To get a jumpstart on the trouble shooting you should set it up to run the Gift of Good Measure (in your dashboard), post a picture of the GFUI showing it ready to go, then print - and when it’s “done” take a picture of the material.

Hi Molly,

I’m so sorry to hear this happened! I see you also opened an email support ticket as well, I just responded to you there.

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