Laser tube not working

I have had my glowforge pro for about two years now and I probably have less than 20-30 hours on it so I’m hoping this is a quick fix . I was cutting non proof grade acrylic and during the cut the laser slowly stopped cutting and the laser tube doesnt power up. I recently cleaned the laser air assist fan so Im wondering if the air assist fan needs to be replaced. Would a non working air assist fan enable the laser ? I have tried proof grade material and still no laser tube power up . Im really hoping I dont have a 9000.00 paperweight. The glowforge is operating just without the laser and when I power it down there is an unusual smell coming from the machine . I live in Charleston South Carolina if anyone knows someone thats qualified to work on these I would greatly appreciate the help. I use glowforge for fun , I dont have an etsy store or anything like that I just like to make random cool stuff and Im pretty bummed that the machine is down. Ill gladly pay for anyones time if you can help me.

Sounds like your power supply may be fried. You will have to email glowforge support for replacement options. The support team doesn’t monitor the forums.

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The tube has a two year life expectancy so regardless of whether it’s the tube or power supply, the machine will have to be replaced.

Early machines seemed to use higher quality components and many have had their machines much longer. My tube is starting to die after 5 years.


You mean to replace the entire machine or parts of the machine?

The machine. They don’t offer the tube or power supply as parts. They will sell you a refurbished machine.


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