Laser wheel tensioner is broken

In the process of doing an air assist cleaning for the first time (have had my glowforge plus for less than a year)… I noticed that the right wheel tensioner on the belt that holds the carriage plate for the printhead is broken. When touching it to see how much of it was dry and cracked it fell apart and into the glowforge bed. How do I replace this part… is this normal for a newish glowforge that has been barely used? What can I do to fix this? In the process of making Christmas presents :frowning:

The Easterly’s

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Posting here opens a support ticket and Glowforge Support will be able to get you a replacement set of pulley wheels.

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Thank you so much!!!
That’s so good to read… was panicking about getting gifts done.

You may want to message another user @yoyodyne2112 because I believe he sells parts such as this as well and may be quicker to contact.

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You are fantastic… I truly appreciate you.

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That happened to one of mine last week and its replacement is coming in today. So just an idea of timeline from my experience with working with GF support. It did take a few days to hear from support but once I did, it was a quick turn around.


Thank you. Sorry to hear about your tensioner having broken as well. I appreciate the feedback on glowforges support. You are awesome. Everyone is very helpful. I truly am grateful for all the responses.

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble @aeasterly.

To be sure we send the correct part, could you include a photo of the broken part in question?

Once we have this, we’ll follow up with the next steps.

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