Laser will not work, no fire

I have cleaned the lens. Also, I have tried the prograde like is suggested in other threads here. Nothing.

Hi, just a quick thought–a few times I found the power would be at zero for some projects–bizzarro world as no rhyme or reason that I could figure out–hope it’s that simple, or you can at least rule that out. And of course usual question from support is testing with the “gift of good measure”…

Thank you for your response! It is not working. Only the head moving around with Zero fire from the laser.

I started this thread 2 days ago and still no word from support. I thought when I started a thread here, it opened a “ticket”. At least that is what I see in other threads. Although, Support has been active in this forum since my I posted my issue. Do I need to email them to try to get them reply and come here to close this thread? I need a machine that works!

It does open a ticket when you post here…and I’m confident that they’ll respond to you. Please don’t forget, it’s a weekend.

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To the best of our knowledge:

Support is not done on the forums.

A new post here is the exact same thing as sending a fresh email.

A fresh ticket is created in their zen desk support software queue.

It seems to be procedure to do a search by user/email when a ticket comes up to see if there are any duplicates/other issues and collate these. What order to address things in is certainly unknown to us.

It is certainly policy that until they have something to respond with, they don’t.

The only difference between email and #problems-and-support is the community gets to see and offer it’s opinions on #problems-and-support.

New emails and new threads are all the same to support. But hey, new threads here mean we all get to talk. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!

Hi @robinnreed - just swinging by to close this topic since we’ve been able to connect via chat and put together a game plan to get you taken care of. Thanks!