Laser will not work ~ purple light every time

It does not matter what it is cutting, paper to plastic. The laser will not turn on, it will continue to run the tool path as if the laser is on, but its not. I cannot cancel the print. The purple light turns on and I have to unplug it or turn it off. This has been an issue from Day 1, but after several times of resetting, re-homeing and reloading the program it will run, however the 1st cut is always a success, then the other cuts are 1/10th the power and will never cut even half way through.


I’m very sorry to hear you’ve run into this constant interruption for some time now @tgos54 thanks for letting us know.

I’d like to collect some more specific information about your printer, and so I’ve reached out via email to ask for some of those details. Please keep an eye out for that email so we can finish up troubleshooting, and I’ll go ahead and close this topic.