Laserable Notebooks

Literally did everything wrong and it still turned out really nice. I guess it helps the note book was made to be lasered. Used Laserable notebook from Johnson Plastics

My impatience got the better of me, as usual, but this still turned out great. The internal fan made the page flap back and forth, but that’s minor details…

Picture looks tan, but it’s actually a bit of a gray green


Nice! Is that leather?

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Good result. I like the Johnson Plastics Plus Saddle Collection as well.


Beautiful! The contrast is excellent…might have to try one of those out someday!

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it’s some sort of fake leather, not really sure what, but the lasered in design is a rich black and has a little bit of shininess to it


Those look nice, I wish they were a little cheaper though.

@Anselm-M – how many sheets, do you know? It isn’t listed.

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They’re the cheapest ones I’ve found so far.

Yeah that’s kinda lame, but I’ll count them later and let you know, it looks like quite a lot though.

Thanks much. We do notebooks here and a sheet count will let me determine if these are a worthy addition to the lineup.

No, no you didn’t. If you had done everything wrong, the font would have been Papyrus. :wink:

Good job. This is just a nice look all-around. I give Philippians 1 a lot for penances!


80 pages, or 160 sides to write on.

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It’s a friends favorite verse, so I figured I’d test it here, and hopefully if I have time do another one as a Christmas gift

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Thanks, that is better than I expected, not a bad value.

That is beautiful! it came out very well, despite things possibly having been done wrong.

I’m doing a second notebook, and I’m realizing the “shinny” look it actually me probably having too high of settings lol

Round 2: not enough sleep

Went a little more crazy in terms of designing, but was also kinda on purpose to see what was under the first layer.

  1. too much power
  2. when the website says rub lightly for clean up, believe them
  3. don’t do the exact opposite, and use rubbing alcohol
  4. probably good enough to give to someone as a white elephant as long as I include chocolate

Note: took picture at work, way better lighting than my crummy bedroom. Banana not for sale.


The Saddle Collection stuff is variable. I love the silver under the black, but with too much power it is a disaster. Also, the journals are different than the sheet goods which are different than the key chains. Once I get the settings for something, however, I love the results. In general, lower power and middle lpi have given me the best overall result.

they’ve been sold out for a while, hopefully I can get my hands on them eventually.

Nice! The first is just lovely!

What settings have you found to work best on this material? I got several sheets to make my own notebooks (didn’t see that had that step done!) but I tried one test run with the mini compass rose notebook (GF free design) and the settings were way off and it burnt past the silver (black base). I haven’t had time to touch it since and I would love to make a few quick gifts for my kids stockings and avoiding tons more of trial and error would be awesome!

We can only discuss material settings for non Proofgrade items in the Beyond the Manual section. Here is a link to some previous discussions regarding the Johnson Plastics Saddle Collection;