Lasercut 3D engrave photo christmas ornaments!

I’m loving the new 3D engrave settings. They work beautifully out of the box with proofgrade materials!

Video of the cut & final product below!

We also had some fun with the trace features for lasercutting a few hand drawn ornaments!



Love them both! You should do a couple of new ones every year - you’ll have a tree full by the time he goes off to college. :grinning:


Awesome job!


Adorable. Pretty soon, Luke will be drawing some ornaments of his own!


I purchased the GF plus and I am overwhelmed… I have a mac computer and i need help choosing the right software that would be easy for me to understand… I did my first cut as instructed and for a project i would love to create is a simple round Christmas ornament with a engraved photo.


Step one is definitely to select your design software. They all work about the same, with the proviso that the more you pay for it, generally the more easily it does things. (Like anything in life.) :smile:

But there is a learning curve associated with whichever one you get. (I use Illustrator, which is excellent but pricey, but Inkscape can be made to do everything as well, and it’s free. There are a few experts on both programs here to help with questions. For some of the other options there is less help available.)

It’s easy to create a photo ornament in either program…here are a couple of writeups on how to do it in Inkscape and Illustrator.


Don’t leave out those ms paint pros!!

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Holy cr*p! What kind of drugs are those people on? :rofl:

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