Laserhead moving but not engraving

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

The laser stopped engraving mid project and now doesn’t work. The head seems to be still moving but with no laser. I have cleaned the head, mirror tube and checked connections , ran the ‘gift of good measure’ along with multiple restarts but still no luck. The amber light sometimes comes ON after cancelling the project but not every time.

Anyone resolved this issue?

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Hi gary,
is the tube glowing, or is it dead?
have you checked to make sure the white cable is plugged in, check the pins make sure nothing bent?
can you post pictures of the bottom of your laserhead so we can look at the lenses?


Hi Jonathan

Yes I have checked the cables and all seems to be connected still. The tube doesnt seem to be flashing like it normally does.

I have attached pictures to show the lenses.

Kind regards


all LOOKS good! - everything looks clean…
I guess you need to just wait till Glowforge support gets back to you and you go next step

I’m sorry


I have the exact same problem. Actually, had it on my fist machine and they replaced my new machine with a refurbished one. The refurbished one had same issue. Their response is pay another $1125 for yet Another refurbished unit because it is less than 1 week past their 90 day warranty. They stated in emails, since they refuse to call, that they no longer offer repairs, that my only option is to get another refurbished. It seems like the exact same problem is being had by many. I feel ripped off. The customer service is the worst I have experienced. I hope you have a better experience than I have.

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