Lasering through Plastidip/plastispray?


I did a cursory forum search for plastidip and saw some things about dipping after lasering but has anyone tried lasering through a dipped piece it to reveal the material beneath? Is there already a post on this? Better product? glowfam point me in the right direction.

Electroengraving masking

Hmmmmm. I looked at the MSDS and it appears to be a mixture of unspecified resins and solvents, some of them flammable. It doesn’t appear to contain any chlorine or other halogens. Can’t see anything that is a huge red flag as long as all the solvents have evaporated and ventilation is good. It might just end up as a gummy mess though.


A note of caution I think.
In my early life as a lab tech in ICI plastics, I remember being keen on using this sort of product for coating tool handles.
Early plastic dipping formulations were based on PVC emulsions :frowning:


From the Plasti-Dip website FAQ:

Plasti Dip does not contain any polyvinylchloride or any other vinyl resins.


That’s good news :slight_smile: