I originally bought my GF as an adjunct to my leather carving but find it extremely difficult to engrave on leather. What is drawing me to the Laserpecker is its portability, versatility and (apparent) ease of use. I would like some feedback from GF users who have the Laserpecker, especially the PRO, before I sink another $600 in lasering.

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Did you see the other threads on it?

Might be handy.

As for leather work, what’s the issue? Lots of people do some pretty great leather work here, maybe we can help?


I gotta say i saw an ad for one, and it seems like vaporware, too much pie in the sky promises, not to mention legal ramifications.

I would hold off a year, till it proves itself.


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I saw advertising for it on social media. I checked the comments for one, and it was literally hundreds of people saying it was a scam, that they had paid and never received it, etc. So I wonder if it’s even been released yet or if the one in the commercial is the only one they have right now :rofl:


16 seconds into their ad and this:

Buyer beware I say.



Oh and their copy on their site is also full of errors. Not super professional.

Typos, grammatical errors, etc. My favorite is a section titled: What Our Customer Say ?

I dunno, laserpecker, what do your customer say??

Then there’s this gem:


It also has “mothon detection”, and they clearly think punctuation is optional.


For years my uncle’s deli signs and menus had so many spelling and grammatical errors. I would nag him about it, asking him why it wasn’t proofread before he spent money getting them made.

He told me the company who printed them did proofread it, he paid for it…I told him he should never hire a proofreader who knows the same amount of English as him. So now, I get to proofread anything new before printing.

So, I’m assuming based on the mistakes, the laserpecker is coming from overseas, which is probably why they have lax safety precautions.


All the models are Asian, also. But they are now releasing laserpecker 2, so maybe it’s real. I’m tempted just to see if it’s real and how well it works. But finding real people reviews that aren’t on Amazon is challenging.


What exactly do you find to be difficult about engraving on leather? I also bought the GF primarily for my leatherwork and have loved it, minus the smell. I might be able to help with some more details.


Scammers taking a real product photo, creating a fake site to mimic the real one and scamming people is unbelievably common, and it looks like that has happened to the laserpecker. SO if you’re interested in one, make sure and buy from the right site.

But you do have a tool that can work great with leather, so it might be worth reaching out here to see if we can get you going with your GF. Not sure if you’ve seen them, but maybe these will inspire you.


Do you want any assistance with this - because leatherwork is the thing I use my :glowforge: for most often.


The Laserpecker 2 is real…not vaporware or a scam. Over 6,000 units have already shipped. However, the only current means to purchase one is via Indegogo (the Kickstarter campaign has ended and units have shipped). The Laserpecker 1 can be found on Amazon (I believe). If getting LP2, don’t go though any other site than the official means to currently purchase (Indegogo).

I don’t work for LP…I used their Kickstarter campaign when it was still open. Mine has shipped, pending offloading from the ship in CA and customs. Europe and Asia already have most in-hand.

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Everyone has been VERY helpful. I’ll take a look at all the leather links that were provided and if I need more help I’ll reach out. So…that’s a definite NO to LP1 but MAYBE for LP2 at some point in the future. Based on what everyone has said I’m thinking my $600 will be better spent on GF material. THANK YOU to everyone who provided the comments I was hoping to get.


Good, I’m happy you’re sticking it out and leaning toward forging ahead with the GF. (Do ya see what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue:) It takes a lot of practice and trial and error, but experts like deirdrebeth are gracious with their help and they can definitely help with the learning curve. Just reach out and we’re all here to help you get the results you’re looking for.


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