Latest projects and current “State of the World”



Just a rundown of my latest projects. Throw questions at me if ya like!

And a sneak peek at the ongoing wall project of the month.

Happy making!


Lovin’ the Orrery!


Well those are just incredible! Is that veneers on clear acrylic for the wall map? :grinning:


Yup. Exactly ! :grinning:


Love it all!! It’s like which is your favorite child…


oops. forgot one “child”.


I love them all, but especially the box. It took me a minute to see the finger joints. At first I just thought that was decorative. Fantastic job!


I’ve been wanting to make that kind of lamp shade, but haven’t gotten around to working out a design. Did you find the plans online, or roll your own?


In the photos the finger joints look loose, in person they are not. The sanding has just highlighted the etching lines a bit unevenly. Took me a bit to get used to the look but in the end I love it.


A combination. I found similar plans on Thingiverse and modified. I must admit construction was complex and not without cursing.


The clock is a Clayton Boyer design. I send all credit thatta way! :slightly_smiling_face:

Correction!! The Orrery is based on a Boyer design. The Clock Is a Brian Law design!!!


Also the copper and lapis inlay was a new technique for me. I’d never realized how that process is done before. Omg. I’m still vibrating from all that sanding! But boy is the result worth it.


Wow… love the light shades. What material did you use for it?.. Did you make the pattern or find one to work off.


Clayton’s clock designs are great - I’ve got most of one built in my “normal” wood shop and plans for a few others to build at some point…


I can’t choose a favorite … these are all phenomenal! Very, very, VERY nice!


Thanks! Found a thingiverse pattern to modify then used proofgrade cherry( to match my kitchen) and red and grey acrylic from inventables for the ribs.


just WOW :sunglasses::glowforge:


Those are fantastic. I don’t think you are a first timer with results like that. Thanks for sharing. :grinning:


These are all truly amazing. The light shades are #1 on my list of likes.


If I may, where did you learn about the inlay technique(s)? I’ve been banging my head against inlays for a while now…