Latest projects

I am still working on originality, however that is a hard thing to come by in todays world, regardless, here are some of my latest projects


All great stuff! I’m particularly taken with the inlaid (painted?) trees and the geometric elephant. Originality can come in a few flavors, a good new spin on an existing idea is nothing to sneeze at, especially with your high quality of execution.


Those little inlaid trees are quite unusual, and nicely done! :grinning:

Wow! This looks impressive :slight_smile:

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Your design eye is outstanding! Open a store!

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@evansd2 those trees are actually not painted, just a clear wax coat on Purple Heart and some other exotic wood I forget the name of. thank you for the compliments. Store coming soon @rpratt


Padauk? It’s a nice orange when finished.

yes, that sounds correct

Very nice. Can you say what brand wax coat you used? I’ve tried Briwax and Feed-n-wax, they were both nice, but always looking for recommendations.

(Also, you might like this, used colors to similar effect: Inlay phoenix )

Osmo is probably one of the best on the market, they have food grade options for cutting boards as well. You can also add pigments to their products to give the woods interesting finishes.


These are wonderful!!! I specially love the elephant :elephant:

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All nice. Love the elephant.

Lots of great stuff, and congratulations! Will you be making wedding favors and/or decorations on your glowforge?

The elephant and the cityscape really caught my eye!

the wedding hearts were for my sister, however it is something that I could market on a Etsy store or in a local gift shop that I will be in

Definitely. I’m sure there’s a whole potential wedding line there. I’m getting married in July and trying to decide how much time I have to plan a wedding and laser gifts, decor, place cards, etc, etc.


Beautiful projects! I really like that elephant.

Love all. Especially the map. Out of curiosity…has anyone made "Deathly Hallows " ear rings? Looking at these it seems a logical jump.

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I have indeed