Latest Resin Work - and, yes, I <3 Trees

So, I haven’t posted much, but now it’s winter again in Minnesota so I might be here more :smiley:

I am starting a series of these seasonal trees. This is my first one, which actually came from 1. the off-cut from another project (turned it into the frame) and 2. a tree I cut for something else then decided I didn’t want to use it

The resin is mixed with metallic acylic paint, and the stars in the sky were made with drops of silver swirled with a tooth pick. The shimmer in the sky is actually the dried remains of water my kids and I used to wash our brushes after painting with metallic acrylic this past summer!

The snow is mother-of-pearl.

Pretty happy with it!


Wow, very nice!

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How are you applying the resin? What’s your working window?

Funny story…

I mixed the resin for another project. And then I decided I didn’t like the way it was going to work, but now I had this resin on-hand. So I grabbed my off-cut, ran to my GF, cut the center out, cut a slightly larger piece of acrylic, glued them together with a little too-much E-6000, waited half a second, then poured the resin in.

I’d say that was all easily within 15 minutes to half an hour max

The acrylic makes the resin weird, but it will set totally fine. It’s just initially goopy, then runny.

I had about 20 minutes of design time after that, and by the end I could tell it was getting thick again.

Hard caveat: These are in-process-art-estimates, so I’m pretty sure that’s how time was passing, but can’t be 100% sure.


That is really striking. A beautiful group project.

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Really amazing piece, great design.

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Very cool…love the resin work!

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Fascinating and lovely work. Does acrylic paint react to the resin or mixes fine. I’ve been struggling with how to tint resin with available materials.

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Ooo. Pretty with sparkles! It looks great!

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Wow, lovely. It reminds me of Telperion.

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What a gorgeous piece, and so cool that you were able to get everything to work together so quickly using the Glowforge!

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I put everything into resin :smiley: Acrylic does work, but start small and add in if you feel you need more. It definitely changes the working flow!

I’ve also tinted with food coloring - regular and gel - and alcohol ink. Food coloring is the hardest, to be honest, because it requires a LOT of stirring, otherwise you can get pigment bubbles.

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That’s amazing work.

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Resin both fascinates and terrifies me. I don’t do well with time constraints. I bought some, though, and it’s sitting there on my shelf taunting me, so it’s inevitable. :wink:


I was thinking of using some of my powdered wood tint, but they want you to mix it with alcohol first and I didn’t know what the alcohol would do to epoxy resin.

Nice design, I’m working on some earrings and necklace designs, and get frustrated at filling in the little holes and such because it drips and oozes. Any tips you can share?

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Simply beautiful!

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Just goes to show the difference between an artist and… well… me. :slight_smile:


hanks for braving the resin forefront! The tree turned out amazing!

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I resemble that too :smiley: