Latest toy, a thickness guage

If you don’t have anything get a set of calipers first but for a second or third an actual thickness gauge is cool.


I’ve got a cheap plastic one, but that one looks sweet! :sunglasses:


My wallet weeps as I start thinking about buying new tools. :rofl:


If your wallet is only weeping instead of flat out sobbing them you might not be spending enough on tools yet. :smile:

The thickness gauge falls more in the want rather than the need column, and now I want one LOL


It does look cool, but what does a thickness gauge do that calipers don’t?

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Nothing really, but I can usually find mine easier than the calipers cause the bright red plastic stands out in the drawer. :smile:


Fit in your pocket.

Be in a different place from your calipers.

Work when your caliper batteries need to be changed.

Be available when you can’t find the stupid calipers that were right here a second ago.

I keep mine next to the gf and the calipers generally live on my workbench which, granted, is only ten feet away. Still nice to have, handy and very inexpensive — $10. Here’s the one I bought:


Because they typically have a bit of tension on them, it’s slightly easier to get a consistent reading than with calipers where the tension is from how hard you press.

I prefer calipers, but I will sometimes use a thickness gauge to double-check my measurements; especially when I’m using one of my cheaper calipers.


Me too. At $10 they’re at each of my CNC tools. Works fine up to half an inch, so for the Shopbot I still use the calipers more.

They’re great for steel - depending on type (cold rolled, hot rolled, stainless) the same gauge rating is different in thickness (& people complain about wood not being consistent batch to batch :slightly_smiling_face:).

Quicker to use and more consistent readings as a bit less skill is required since the tension is pre-determined. I use it a lot at the GF to verify the thickness when I’m doing things I want friction fit & I need to adjust the fingers & slots.


Okay, all this talk is making me want one. (Grumble grumble…bunch of enablers…grumble)

Just kidding about the grumbling—I’ve gotten a lot of really cool and useful stuff from all this enabling!


Well dammit. Thanks a lot you guys. I always sort of wondered about that with calipers…the harder you squeeze, the thinner the material gets. I never liked that variance. Going to get on of these. Like cynd11, I’ve gotten several really neat tools because of all this enabling. :grin:


Not supposed to do that :wink:

There is a proper way to use calipers - you need to make sure the jaws are square to the material not at an angle and gentle pressure but not squeezing. It takes a consistent touch to get it right. That’s not helpful for people who don’t have experience using them though - one of those things “by feel”.


Nice addition to the arsenal Mark! :sunglasses:

Yep, after years of mechanical work, when a torque wrench isn’t a requisite, by being aware of the force and leverage used I can torque pretty dang evenly just by paying attention. It is a ‘touch’ one develops over time. Experience with any tool develops that.

Consistent force is key, so having a preset force is an advantage.
I rigged a diamond saw to cut stone slabs. I got the most consistent performance by having a hanging weight pull the saw as opposed to hand pushing it.


I have to do it that way torquing down the nuts on the valve lifters on my bike. They’re a double nut set and the lower nut needs to be torqued - so it’s a “firm touch with my 8mm box wrench with my pinky extended”. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good discussion Above, all are right, they are one hit wonders, quick and convenient thickness.
I own three or four sets of calipers, these well stay in the lair just for checking non proofgrade.

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You can save a few bucks by buying it direct from China.
Be prepared to wait for thee boat, though. :slight_smile:

I know…I kinda knew that. :roll_eyes: :wink: But, sometimes I keep second guessing the numbers and it drives me nuts. Actually, my hands aren’t doing things, especially small-sized things, quite as well as they used to either, so using calipers has become a bit of a challenge. I did order one of these…it looks like it might be more user friendly for me.


Definitely. I usually take several measurements when I use calipers and average the results.

The thickness gauge is way quicker. The 1/2" limit to mine isn’t an issue with the GF.


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