Layer cut order and default cut types

I’m planning a design with many different cuts and scores that should be done in a specific order, and I definitely don’t want to have to specify them all by hand in the web app.

I can’t find any documentation on how the layout software interprets SVG files. Is there a way to map layers so that it makes cuts in a specific order? And, for large files with lots of different cuts, is there a way to specify a color for a specific type of cut? E.g. black=cut, red=score?

Read this thread:

You’ll find color palette for several of the popular vector editing programs

  1. Layers are not a thing to the glowforge. It doesn’t care.
  2. It orders all engrave operations first and then all cut operations second.
  3. It orders the operations by the hex value of the color. Black comes first.
  4. Cuts are always cuts. You have to manually change them to scores.
  5. Unfortunately, you cannot map a color to an operation. Or to an operation with specific settings. Sigh.
  6. The software will warn you if you have a lot of operations in your file. It won’t stop you from doing what you want to do, it just warns you. I’m sure it seemed like a good warning message at the time. I find it humorous that their best warning message (at least in the beginning) is also their least useful.

Thanks for the info!

Uug… number 5 is what I worried about… Any idea if this feature is in the pipeline?

It’s been suggested. Many, many times. That’s all I know about that, but I like to think it is coming (preferably after they enable pass through slot features in the software.)

Uug… Thanks for the info though!

Wait… pass through features aren’t available? (I just got it set up the other week.)

Not in software - manual alignment only.

It’s in your acceptance email. It’s not just you. Amazing how many people didn’t actually read the email and just hit accept. Quite a few things are not yet functional.


Not helped by the fact that you can’t see it again after accepting, or easily save it before accepting. Some people want the machine whatever the state so accept but then have no idea what they accepted. Very odd that GF deliberately make it very hard to see what you have bought.

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I work in a maker space with many others, and I didn’t order the machine myself. I’m just setting it up & using it.