Layer of black dust (soot?) in room

I have a pretty decent airflow from my GF, but, the room it is in will get coated in a thin layer of dust (black) that I can only assume is from the GF. Does anyone else have this issue and what may solve it?

This is certainly not something I have encountered over the course of my machine usage - 4 years. If you are not getting much odor from your Glowforge cuts, perhaps there is another source for this soot.


If you get some on a finger and smell it and it smells like burnt wood then the Glowforge might be the ultimate source though perhaps not directly. When you take the material out is it burnt to carbon? If you are wiping or sanding those edges that could be a source of your carbon.


If it’s from the GF, it sounds like it’s not venting properly. Check to make sure the fan’s working. Check the hose from the back to wherever it vents, to see if there are leaks. If you’re venting out a window, check for leaks there. If you’re going to the air filter, verify it’s on and turned up high enough. If you’re using an inline external fan, some have suggested making sure the fan is as far away from the GF and as close to the window as you can, so that if there are leaks in the hose, the air leaks “in” rather than “out”.

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Do you have gas or oil fired heat and/or hot water?

The GF creates negative pressure inside your house when it’s running. If you don’t have enough air leaks from windows and doors and wall outlets and the like, the “make up air” is going to get sucked in to the house through your heating system chimney. Even when the system is running. And since the room with the GF is where those gases are going to be drawn, that room will potentially end up “hazed” with black combustion byproducts as a result.

For older houses this isn’t that big a problem. But anything built in the last 20 years or so is likely to be pretty “airtight” and for those houses it could easily be a problem.


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