Layered Beer

Well somehow I managed to burn out my GF pro in the first year, but GF had me a refurb in place within a week. Decided to hone in the new laser on this 6 layered stained BB piece.


Right up my alley :beer:


Looks good. I like the bottle.


Very cool. I like the hint of color withthe green hop in there.


Looks great! Im new here to glowforge and need help! Do we wneed to mask all materials in glowforge? Or just wood? and where do I buy masking tape and what type do I buy? Please help quckly! Id greatly appreciate the help!

Might want to cut back on the random spamming of the same plea across multiple threads. This is the third one I’ve seen. There’s a good response for you here:

Spamming is a reason to get flagged. As you’re new, you’d have to wait for a staff member to come along and help you get straightened back out. We don’t flag many things around here but I’ll go ahead and leave you with this also:


I’m sorry for posting the question in different forum sections. I thought I might get several or at least one reply that way! Did not intend on wasting ur time! But I’m very frustrated at the lack of support received from glowforge! All I get is blanket email that they got my message but never getting actual help.

Monica Scullion

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The only place to get official support is from either the email or phone, which will usually ask you leave a message or email.

The support staff does not watch the forums.
We see a number of people in your position. Freshly joined the forum in desperate need of help. We’ll help as we think we can but there’s only so much your fellow laser peeps can do.

You’ve gotten a couple of really good responses in some of the other threads so the only other thing I have left to say now is: take a breath, have a cup of herbal tea, and welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

I lied…read read read and read some more. 5 years of hands on experienced people here to aid as best a fellow customer can. :wink:


The title alone drove me click on it.
Awesome design and finish. Love it!