Layered Pokemon Card

I saw this idea floating around so I figured I would try it out myself. The design could use some tweaking but I’m pretty stoked with how it turned out for a first run. The boarders are all cut individually and stained. I’ll probably just use different materials next time to give it a cleaner look than the quick stain I did.


I love that!

I bet my kids would love it too! I should try something like that also.


Nice! Did you engrave around the edge or is the lighter wood inset into a darker wood?

Someone else did a similar layering but they used the actual card on top so they didn’t need to worry about paint/stain - in case that’s of interest :slight_smile:


It’s very cute!

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Awesome! Now do the Foil Charizard and it be worth a fortune! Ha Ha!


It is cut from a single piece of wood. There are just multiple cuts to it as shown in the attached pic. I simply stained the individual pieces to achieve the colors. With the shading of the image you can see I overlapped the cut lines as it didn’t matter if it was sloppy since that part was being cut and removed.


I’m embarrassed that I kind of know what you are talking about. My oldest was into Pokemon waaaaaay too long,