Magic Card Depth

This is a first attempt at cutting through a number of magic cards to achieve a 3D depth effect. I used Inkscape to trace the image of the card and bashed up a quick jig to hold the cards in place while cutting.

This was a quick-n-dirty job. The resukts could be improved with some neatness!


That’s a cool idea. Got more pics from other angles?

tried to add a short video showing it tilted from side to side, but file size was too big…

Been there. I’ve had to upload mine to YouTube.

how funny - I’ve looked at that post before! cool work!

I am wondering why you needed multiple Magic cards as one card could provide all the parts and the rest could regular cardboard.

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was most the alignment from the jig or from the center camera?

That’s a really neat idea. Are you going to frame the cards somehow? I guess you could use the GF to make a frame as well.

Or, if you don’t have several of the same card, you could maybe copy and print some layers?

It’d probably look best with the real deal though. Really cool.

Ahh I missed that they were all the same card but would still want to use the cut out pieces in the next layer down…

I have an old stack of MTG cards that I dug out just for this task. :smiley:

What a neat effect! :grinning: