LCD Privacy Screen Plastic - Safe to cut?

Does anyone know anything about the plastic used for LCD privacy screens?

This is the one I purchased:

I’d like to cut it down to a manageable size and ideally cut within my Glowforge. I just want to be sure its safe and wont damage my machine…or me I guess! (I have the GF filter)…


You might want to contact the manufacturer to find out what material it is made of.


@beerfaced I did reach out to them, and they responded, though they had no idea!

Thanks @evans2 I reviewed that post…

What wasn’t clear to me was there was a mention of whether there was a recycle symbol on it. I could tell if that meant its safe to cut or not…maybe I’ll ask there…

I do see a “CE” symbol and a recycle symbol and then a Check mark symbol on the packaging for this…

Oh yours has a recycle symbol?

What number? That number should tell you what plastic it is.

Well since you know it’s bigger than you need you could trim a small portion off with a knife and do the copper wire test for chlorine.

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It doesn’t have a number its just that recycle “Triangle” of arrows…

Ohh what is the test?

A piece of copper wire, heated in a torch and you use the hot wire to get a bit of the plastic on the wire. Then hold the wire in the torch flame and burn the sample. If there is any green in the flame it has chlorine in it and is to be avoided.


Thx! I did not know that. I’ll have to see about sone copper wire…the torch I have!

Heat the wire red hot to burn any coating off it before sticking a piece of your plastic to it.


I have some thin solid core copper wire…I’m assuming I could use that. Thickness shouldn’t matter right?

The company responded again and said the film is PET, which from sone quick Google searches seems to be laser safe!

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No that won’t matter but I see you have found out what it is made of. Still a good little method of checking that you should keep on the back burner should you ever need it in the future.

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