Leaf Engraving


Haven’t figured out the settings completely. I bumped the intensity up to try and cut the veins of the leaf. Leaves are tough. I ended up cutting the veins with an exacto.


Love it! :grinning:

I read that as “FAIL” and couldn’t figure out what the fail was. :wink:


technically, that’s cutting, since it goes all the way through. i was going to be really impressed if you could get it to just cleanly engrave on a leaf. :slight_smile:

I’m sure drier leaves cut more easily than freshly-fallen leaves. Any water that’s still present in the leaf will soak up the heat of the laser and prevent it from cutting as easily as you’d expect.


Yeah, I saw that too. Once you see it…

Nice job!

You can score on leaves (haven’t tried since the new fancy constant-depth cut settings, but those likely aren’t available). But Engrave works really nicely because it’s constant speed. Dry leaves and also birchbark.

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