Leather Alternatives

I understand PU leather and PVC leather alternatives are not safe. I don’t want to use real leather – does anyone know of a safe alternative that has a leather look without being leather?

This is a common enough question, let’s see if searching has anything good.


Yields this:

Which points you (from some random super helpful guy on the forum) toward the saddle collection…


Which leads you lots of places, but here you go, this is up your alley:

Which in turn points you to this, an entire thread about this sort of thing!

It’s all out there, you just need to know what rocks to look under.


THANK YOU!!! I’m new here.

Yeah I looked at your stats to see when you joined so I’d know how detailed to get :slight_smile:

The forum is so deep at this point, it’s a bit of a maze sometimes.

if you’re super new, you might like this post, it has links to a lot of good info:

The trick is to read everything you can until you just cant stand reading anymore, then get a snack and read some more :slight_smile:


Thanks again!

Thank you! loved the site and having the settings

I just ordered some leatherette from JDS, it’s really nice. I just need to figure out the settings.