Leather bound journal

I want to put a custom design on a leather bound journal I bought at staples. Has anyone tried that? What setting did you use? engrave? emboss? Im new to this, not sure what I am doing

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The first thing to do is make sure that the journal you purchased is laser safe. Many faux leathers are not laser safe. Whenever you are trying a new material, you will probably have to test to get the settings that give you your desired outcome. A good place to start in the testing process is with a Proofgrade setting for a similar material. The search function of this forum is a valuable resource which you will probably return to often.


I have some leather journals to engrave. I did a wallet once and it must have been the fake kind because it was like strings inside.

I have a ton of scraps laying around I’ll try some out and post about settings. You can always go light and see you can’t really go back. I typically buy at least two to get an idea so I have a test.


Ditto about making sure it’s laser safe! I would see if you can find the info from the manufacturer since Staples doesn’t always have details like that.

Also, there may be some other options if you decide not to risk it - like making a stamp and then debossing the cover by pressing the stamp into it and leaving it there for a while. (And others here may have tips for debossing to make that more successful for you. I would start by searching in the forum for info about debossing.)


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